Announcing the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering’s Rodear Year

Cowboy Rounding Up Cows. Photo courtesy of Jon Griggs, Maggie Creek Ranch, Elko County, Nevada.

We may not be able to gather in Elko, but we’re not going to let that stop us! In ranching, a rodear happens when cattle are gathered together and held in a circle, typically in a remote location where there are no corrals available. This allows the cowboys to perform their work. We find ourselves in a similar position this year—unable to hold our beloved event at headquarters. In the spirit of rodear, that just means we’re going to have to ride out into the landscape and improvise. We will visit poets, musicians, storytellers, cooks, and artists, mostly on their home ground, and offer a range of experiences from rural ranch country that audiences can connect with online. We’ll seek out both the familiar and new, examining the touchstones, storied places, landmarks, favorite vistas and watering holes while making new discoveries all along the way. Think of this one-day event as a digital campfire, a way to still bring people together while also sharing a taste of the Gathering with family and friends who have yet to attend in real life.

Join us late January, 2021. It’s free for members!

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