Report on the 36th Gathering Ranch Tour


Ranch Tour and Coach USA bus, photo by Michelle K. Min

“This was A++! Enlightening,
Informative – interesting
with good humor;
the hospitality was A+
and the food was A++.
Our bus leader for the day was
So! Interesting and knowledgeable.”
– tour workshop participant

The tour, photo by Michelle K. Min

This year, the 36th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering sold out Ranch Tour offered partakers the unique opportunity to visit two northeastern Nevada multi-generational ranching operations. The hour-long bus ride to and from Clover Valley included narrative by tour host Ron Torell about the settlement of the West, history and ranching way of life in rural Nevada, and discussion on public lands grazing. Participants visited the Dalton Ranch (settled as a homestead in 1868), sitting at the north end of the valley, and the Brough Ranch (dating back to 1869) at the south end the valley. A traditional Dutch oven lunch was served at Wells Rural Electric Company, with a brief talk and information from the Nevada section of the Society for Range Management and the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts.

Dutch Oven, photo by
Jessica Brandi Lifland

Participants agreed upon reflecting on the tour that while it is easy to get caught up in the romance and nostalgia of the cowboy way of life, ranching in the desert range environment is not without a lot of hard work and risk and Dalton and Brough Ranches serve as prime examples of northeastern Nevada operations that have persevered through several generations of hard work and commitment to the life style they have chosen.

“Delightful hosts and great knowledge of host speakers.
Weather was unbelieveable and hayride super.
Lots of time; never felt rushed.”
– tour workshop participant

This event supported by:  Coach USA, Wells Rural Electric and Luciano’s

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