Flat Stanley Becomes a Cowboy Poet

Flat Stanley came in the mail the other week.  See, he was flattened by a bulletin board and now goes on adventures.  He’s visiting Nevada to learn about cowboys and cowboy poetry.  Flat Stanley has gone on quite a few adventures while in Elko. He drove an old ranch truck.

He pitched some hay.

PItching Hay

He sat in a saddle.

Back in the Saddle

He learned to carve leather.

Carving Leather with Andy Stevens

He met a cowboy poet.

Flat Stanley with Waddie Mitchell

He recited some poetry.

Reciting Poetry on Stage

He met a few musicians (Glenn Ohrlin and Adrian).

Hanging with AdrianListening to Glenn Ohrlin

He played music with Dave Bourne.

Playing Piano with Dave Bourne

And he finished his night with some sarsaparilla (that’s Rooster Morris, who made Stanley his hat).

Having a Sarsaparilla with Rooster Morris

He’ll be headed back to Michigan next week, exhausted like the rest of us, and with lots of stories to tell his Kindergartner friends about becoming a cowboy poet.

He also made a flat horse friend, Pancake, but I didn’t get any pictures of them together yet.  Check back in the next few days for the story of Pancake the Paint.

2 responses to “Flat Stanley Becomes a Cowboy Poet

  1. Janice Gilbertson

    I am so sory I didn’t get the chance to meet Flat Stanley. I would have been happy to take him to a few poetry sessions with me. I could have taken him to Wally’s dinner so he could try out the calf-fries. But he probably wouldn’t share that experiencewith the kids in Michigan, right?
    Janice Gilbertson

  2. Janice Gilbertson

    I am very sorry I did not get to meet Flat Stanley in person..well, you know what I mean. I would have been happy to take him to a few poetry sessions with me. Maybe he would have liked to try a few calf-fries, too. But I don’t suppose he would share that experience with the kids back home, would he?
    Janice Gilbertson

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