Moooving Day in Elko

Every year we send a fair share of merchandise, workshop supplies and other items over to our outpost at the Elko Convention Center, but this may be the first time we’ve shipped livestock.

Mooove it on over!

Well, OK, she isn’t “live,” but she is a full-size genuine Cracker Cow, and she came to us all the way from Florida.

A beautiful artifact in our featured exhibit, Florida Cattle Ranching: Five Centuries of Tradition — produced by the Florida Folklife Program, Florida Department of State, and Florida Cultural Resources — there just wasn’t a good place for her in the Wiegand Gallery, so we put her in the cozy Fireplace Nook… right next to the leather furniture.

Although we’ll miss her staring at us from across the room and startling all who enter the bar, we think she’ll enjoy her new job greeting guests at the Convention Center.

We just hope that all this moooving around won’t make this cow a “mad” one…

Caution! Mad Cow

Har Har,

Devon the Intern

One response to “Moooving Day in Elko

  1. Haha, great post!! I’ve loved reading this blog you all have put together… and only wish I could be there this year! You guys keep up the good work & maybe I’ll see you in the years to come!!

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